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Legislative Actions Working Group

This working group is focused on legislation that is pending and/or being proposed at the Statehouse for State Legislators to consider and vote on. The Legislative Working Group organizes visits to the Statehouse, letter writing campaigns, and events to educate us on what the bills do and don’t do, as well as which versions we want to focus on.

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The 350 Metrowest Node is a local environmental group focusing on climate change, legislation and community sustainability. For more information contact us at and

Legislative Actions

Time critical actions:

Municipal Sustainability Checklist

We have created a municipal “sustainability checklist” that can help towns compare what they are doing with other towns, as well as get ideas and encourage collaboration. For residents, the checklist helps understand what towns are doing and not doing, as well as set priorities for local advocacy. For organizers, the checklist is an excellent tool to organize local groups around, and to build networks of people who care about sustainability.

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