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Public Forum on Concord Article 40

Public Forum on Concord Article 40

Over one-third of Concord’s greenhouse gas emissions come from
burning fossil fuels to heat buildings. Passage of Article 40 at
Concord’s Town Meeting in April would establish a new Town
Bylaw that requires all new construction and major additions be
fossil fuel free, with a few special exemptions. This Bylaw is an
essential tool needed to meet the greenhouse gas reduction goals
mandated by citizens at Town Meeting in 2017 through the
passage of Article 51.

Legislative Actions

Time critical actions:

Municipal Sustainability Checklist

We have created a municipal “sustainability checklist” that can help towns compare what they are doing with other towns, as well as get ideas and encourage collaboration. For residents, the checklist helps understand what towns are doing and not doing, as well as set priorities for local advocacy. For organizers, the checklist is an excellent tool to organize local groups around, and to build networks of people who care about sustainability.

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