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Node Meeting, Thurs 11/7 — Fighting Climate Change = Fighting Injustice

Node Meeting, Thurs 11/7 — Fighting Climate Change = Fighting Injustice

“There is no thing as a single-issue struggle because we do not live single-issue lives.” 

–activist Audre Lorde

Join this month’s interactive node meeting, where we will examine the interrelationships between our climate crisis concerns and the concerns of others organizing against injustice.  Knowing that there is common ground that current activist movements share, how do we connect with other non-environmental groups in a meaningful way?  What does this mean for our intentions and future actions?

Our guest facilitator will be Jon Wishnie (they/them), who joined 350Mass as Climate Justice Partnerships Organizer in July 2019, having most recently coordinated the climate justice work of the youth in the Boston Student Advisory Council/Youth on Board. A lifelong Massachusetts dweller, Jon grew up in Newton before attending Smith College, studying government, while learning community organizing and radical education at UMass Amherst with the UMass Alliance for Community Transformation (UACT).  Jon believes that it is impossible to fight climate change without fighting injustice and systemic oppression in all its forms. For Jon, that means following the leadership of communities on the frontlines of the climate crisis.

Please join the 350Mass Metrowest Node on Thursday, November 7, at First Parish of Sudbury, 327 Concord Rd, Sudbury MA, at 7:00pm

Come with your questions about how direct action works, how it is organized, what are its dilemmas, risks and benefits. Join us and bring a friend! First-time visitors are especially welcome. Come learn, share, vent, discuss, plan and act!

350Mass is a statewide, grassroots, climate action group dedicated to promoting citizen awareness and political action on climate change. Our Metrowest node public meetings usually happen the first Thursday of the month, with locations changing to accommodate learners, supporters, and activists from towns around the region. All are invited to participate in the breakout groups for the local initiatives as well as in the informal planning group that meets on dates prior to the monthly meeting. There will also be a chance for participants to share news and announcements from their organizations and municipalities. Arrive early to mingle. Light refreshments will be available.

Our monthly node meeting location alternates between:
– Peace Lutheran Church, 107 Concord Rd. Wayland MA
– First Parish of Sudbury, 327 Concord Rd, Sudbury MA

For more information about climate change and the Metrowest node, visit:


Legislative Actions

Time critical actions:

Municipal Sustainability Checklist

We have created a municipal “sustainability checklist” that can help towns compare what they are doing with other towns, as well as get ideas and encourage collaboration. For residents, the checklist helps understand what towns are doing and not doing, as well as set priorities for local advocacy. For organizers, the checklist is an excellent tool to organize local groups around, and to build networks of people who care about sustainability.

Click here for details.