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7pm-9pm Thursday 2/14 at Sabine’s house in Wayland. planning meeting agenda 2/14/19

  1. Feedback on 2/7 node meeting
  2. Boots on the ground – March 1 Framingham forum at 1st Parish UU with Sen. Pres. Karen Spilka and others – NEED USHERS, SNACKS, snacks, staffing our sign-in sheet and ¼ page handouts at the door.  They have offered to split the free will donations basket with us, so we should provide support!
  3.  Handout for newbies – seek edits/approval for the “Node info” handout (distribute to planning group ahead of time?)
  4. Node membership:
  • sign-in sheet structure (350MA requests tracking attendance; what other fields do we want to capture? how to get it done?)
  • welcoming newbies; “buddy system” (Are these different? What would each entail? Shall we start dividing up new people now?)
  • reaching out to folks on our node email list (what do we want to get out of it? Shall we start dividing up new people now?)
  1. Node meeting topics across the year:
  • alternating across the three main pillars of the campaign plan (i.e., state legislation; town-level actions; and public-affecting actions).
  • Personal carbon footprint as a fourth major category of interest. E.g., how to choose your electricity supplier, how to evaluate electric vehicles, how to buy carbon offsets, etc. I wouldn’t want anyone to only “clean up their own act” and not work on any of the three pillars, because that won’t change the world fast enough. But I think it makes sense if people want to do that not only to feel better, but also to use that to support their advocacy in the other three realms.
  • Since 2/7 focussed mainly on state legislation, 3/7 might be a good one to focus mainly on town-level actions.
  1.  Ideas for meetings focusing on town-level actions:
  • Road to GND Plan asks us to (1) re “win a municipal policy”, “examples will be outlined by the CCT” and (2) re “gain allies”, “Details will be forthcoming.” It also lists “Win MA GND endorsements…once we know what it is”. Expected timing on these?
  • Comparing town-level success stories
  • Maybe give Terra an opportunity to present about municipal power
  • Maybe Leslie could explain about the town checklist and how to use it
  • MCAN (Mass Climate Action) also has done a survey
  1. Tabling opportunities needing volunteers and materials:
  • March 13 Hudson Portuguese Club forum with Sen. Jamie Eldridge
  • April 28 Framingham Earth Day

Legislative Actions

Time critical actions:

Municipal Sustainability Checklist

We have created a municipal “sustainability checklist” that can help towns compare what they are doing with other towns, as well as get ideas and encourage collaboration. For residents, the checklist helps understand what towns are doing and not doing, as well as set priorities for local advocacy. For organizers, the checklist is an excellent tool to organize local groups around, and to build networks of people who care about sustainability.

Click here for details.