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Sen. Barrett: “we really have nothing to brag about”

Sen. Barrett: “we really have nothing to brag about”

From the Sudbury Town Crier:

…At the San Francisco summit, however, Barrett said he found Massachusetts landed “in the middle of the pack.”

“We’re not lagging behind, but we really have nothing to brag about,” Barrett said in a phone interview from California. “In fact, our great problem is that we are too self-congratulatory around the single issue of energy efficiency. Doing well in terms of one method doesn’t bring us where we need to be. The conversation here is all about addressing emissions from the transportation sector, where Massachusetts’ current role is an embarrassment.”

He said he found the trip “motivating” but “being here also freaks you out a little bit.”

“This is a scary issue,” he said. “People at the very highest levels, nonprofit grassroots organizations but also governments are really, really worried. We’re reaching, soon, a point where the scientists say we’re not going to be able to reclaim lost ground.”

… “Voters in 2020 are going to be furious, furiously involved because of President Trump, but falling right behind that, you’re going to see a new radicalism emerge around climate change issues,” he said. “I think the combination is going to bring forth a wave of challenges to all of us in the Democratic primaries. I don’t feel that I’m exempt, either. I think we’re going to be contending with a horde of new candidates, very appealing ones, especially women, and we better have our answers ready on climate. There will be no place to hide in the Democratic primaries.”

Energy and environmental issues came into play in the Sept. 4 primary where Jamaica Plain Democrat Nika Elugardo unseated House Ways and Means Chairman Jeffrey Sanchez.

About a month before the primary, a trio of climate organizations — 350 Mass Action, the Massachusetts Sierra Club, and Sunrise Movement — held a press conference to endorse Elugardo and “vow political action against the status quo.” The groups said Elugardo was the right person to help move Massachusetts toward 100 percent renewable energy, and that Sanchez had “repeatedly stood against the interests of the people and instead, sided with the interests of utility and energy companies.”

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