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Marlborough Democratic Committee acts on climate change bill

Marlborough Democratic Committee acts on climate change bill

On June 7, 2018, the Senate passed Bill 2545; “An Act to promote a clean energy future.” This bill removes the cap on net metering, increases the renewable portfolio standard by 3% annually. This would require 49% renewable by 2030, 79% in 2040 and 100% by 2047. The bill is now in the State’s House of Representatives.

Massachusetts was on the forefront of alternative and renewable energy with the creation of the renewable energy trust fund as part of the electrical deregulation legislation in 1997, and the global warming solutions act passed in August 2008. This new legislation would put us in 6th place nationwide in legislation supporting renewable energy.

During the June 16, 2016, Marlborough Democratic City Committee meeting, A resolution was proposed to endorse the Senate bill 2545. The resolution passed by a unanimous voice vote, and request that our state representatives; Danielle Gregoire and Carmine Gentile, promote and advocate this bill in the State House of Representatives.

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Adopted in open meeting by the Marlborough Democratic City Committee at the announced monthly meeting held on June 16th 2018.

WHEREAS at the June 16th meeting of the Marlborough Democratic City Committee, David Doucette moved that the Committee endorse this senate bill, and

WHEREAS it is requested that our state representatives, Danielle Gregoire and Carmine Gentile, promote and advocate this bill in the State House of Representatives, and

WHEREAS the request was moved by Mr. Doucette and seconded by Diane Stevens and approved by the Committee on a unanimous voice vote of 20 to 0 without abstentions, and

WHEREAS Mr. Doucette was directed to draw up the resolution for review by the Chair and upon approval submit it to the chair for review (said review now having taken place),

NOW THEREFORE IT IS HEREBY URGED UPON THE STATE REPRESENTATIVES AFORESAID to adopt the said Senate bill and to work for and urge its passing by the Massachusetts State House of Representatives”.

Kirk L. Hurley, Chair

Marlborough Democratic City Committee

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