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Free Movie and Discussion on May 21st: Taking Root: the Vision of Wangari Maathai

Free Movie and Discussion on May 21st: Taking Root: the Vision of Wangari Maathai

Public Invited to Free Movie and Discussion on May 21st:
Taking Root: the Vision of Wangari Maathai

How the Simple Act of Women Planting Trees Changed a Nation

Natick, MA -Occupy Natick presents Taking Root, a recent documentary film about the inspiring story of the Green Belt Movement and its unstoppable Kenyan leader, Nobel Prize winner, Wangari Maathai. This award-winning film connects environmental action with human rights.

The screening will be held on Monday, May 21 st from 7-9pm at Sherrill Hall, 39 East Central Street in Natick (far rear corner of the Town Hall parking lot). This event is part of the ongoing free monthly film and discussion series hosted by local members of Occupy Natick. Light refreshments will be served. The venue is wheelchair-accessible and ample parking is available.

”Never Doubt That a Small Group of Thoughtful, Committed Citizens Can Change the World; Indeed, It’s the Only Thing That Ever Has.” – Margaret Mead

Taking Root illustrates the development of Maathai’s holistic worldview and model for sustainable development. Maathai discovered the core of her life’s work by reconnecting with local rural women who told her that their daily lives had become intolerable: they were walking longer distances for firewood, clean water had become scarce, the soil was washing down hills in their fields, and their children were malnourished. “Well, why not plant trees?”, Maathai thought to herself. Trees provide shade, prevent soil erosion, supply firewood and building materials, and produce nutritious fruit. With this realization Maathai founded the Green Belt Movement, a grassroots organization encouraging rural women and families to plant trees in community groups. Maathai soon discovered that tree planting had a ripple effect of empowering change. These grassroots women soon found themselves working successively against deforestation, poverty, ignorance, embedded economic interests, and political oppression. They became a national political force. All of this brought her country closer to democracy.

Occupy Natick invites all to come and bring a friend.

Occupy Natick is a group of Metrowest citizens that, inspired by the original Occupy Wall Street protests,educates the community about areas of concern related to the undue influence of money in politics and policy making. The group has hosted its free monthly film/discussion series since 2012. For a meeting schedule and more information, visit or contact .

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We have created a municipal “sustainability checklist” that can help towns compare what they are doing with other towns, as well as get ideas and encourage collaboration. For residents, the checklist helps understand what towns are doing and not doing, as well as set priorities for local advocacy. For organizers, the checklist is an excellent tool to organize local groups around, and to build networks of people who care about sustainability.

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